• Happy Holidays from your Ballwin Dentist!

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    Happy Holidays from your Ballwin Dentist! During this time, there are many opportunities to feast and share food with loved ones. You can enjoy all the dishes that this season offers without worrying about the extra stress on your healthy lifestyle. You choose what you put into your body, so we’re happy to offer you some peace of mind. As long as you’re aware of your portion size and consume in moderation, you can reap the benefits of the holiday season. Here are some tips for holiday food that support your health and oral health. If these tips can make you smile, then that’s even better! 


    If stuffing is on your menu for the next few holiday dinners, consider preparing it with apples, carrots, or celery. Not only will these keep your stuffing moist, which is softer for your teeth and needs less of your saliva to send through your digestive system, but they add vitamins and nutrients to support your health. Vitamins A and C support your immune system, saliva production, and digestion.


    Green Beans, pumpkin, and squash are all technically fruit because of their seeds, but we’ll let you surprise your guests with that fact when they join you at the dinner table. They are all extremely high in Vitamins A and C and will support your body and oral health as the weather changes and we glide into the new year. To start off the new year with an abundance of Vitamins A and C will set you up for a successful year. Your digestion will be able to process efficiently, should you choose to indulge, and your immune system will be supported so that you’re immune from any unwanted seasonal heaviness.


    Turkey is high in phosphorus, which can support your teeth, bones, and enamel health. While eating turkey in large quantities can encourage a “food coma” feeling due to the tryptophan turning into melatonin and serotonin, eating a normal portion size can benefit you by feeling more full, and therefore less likely to fill your belly with sweets.


    There are so many recipes that don’t call for sugar in their recipes. Even ones that do are not a requirement. Applesauce, brown sugar or coconut sugar are healthier alternatives that taste great! Pumpkin and apple pie provide a lot of Vitamin C, which is great for a healthy immune system. Fruit tea or punch is also a holiday-feeling addition to the table, without sugar that can really warm up your belly and your heart. Raw fruit is perhaps the best sweet option to bring to the table… it’s nature’s candy and provides so many vitamins and nutrients. Cranberry can be added to tea, or essentially any dish for a Vitamin C boost. If you’re attending a potluck, consider bringing pineapple. They are the international symbol of hospitality and can balance many of the savory foods traditionally offered during this time of year and provide Vitamin C as well.

    No matter what you choose to make or eat, remember to brush your teeth and drink plenty of water to support a clean and healthy mouth. If you’re hosting the holiday dinner, keep these options in mind to support your guests’ health and smiles. Your dentist Ballwin loves to support your smile in any way possible. If these tips made you smile, pop over to our Facebook page to give us a “like”. We frequently post other food tips to our facebook that you’ll be able to see between now and your next checkup or Ballwin cosmetic dentist appointment. Happy Holidays from your Ballwin dentist and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!