• Routine For Your Oral Health, Hydration, and Safety

  • Happy Autumn from your Ballwin dentist team! As the weather changes and our schedules fill up with activities, it’s important to stay on top of your health and safety. Keeping a routine for your oral health, hydration, and safety will help your body run smoothly and minimize emergency dentist or doctor visits. Here are a few important reminders to stay on track and treat your body well this fall.

    Oral Health

    There were plenty of opportunities this summer to head to the river, park, or city for a vacation from your typical day-to-day routine. It may have been a good opportunity to indulge in some BBQ or treats that aren’t usually in your diet. With hope, you didn’t take a vacation from brushing or flossing. Sweets and excess food particles can cause mayhem on your smile if you let your habits slide. Add a toothbrush and floss to your purse or backpack to stay vigilant throughout the day. Cavities don’t take vacations, so remember to brush an extra time if you choose an especially decadent dish. Create a two-minute window after you eat to brush again. Your dentist Ballwin may have a spare toothbrush for you to pick up during your next visit, or stop by your local market for one that’s right for you.


    Your body is made of water. You need water to survive, to function, and even more to thrive. All of your bodily functions work better when you are hydrated. Beginning in your mouth, when you drink water, it helps to clear away any stuck food particles in your teeth and gums. Hydration allows your body to naturally produce enough saliva to digest your food. It allows you to more accurately sense hunger as well. 

    On the contrary, dehydration allows plaque to build up on our teeth, leading to cavities or gum disease. Choosing alcohol over water will further dehydrate you, as it prevents your kidneys from absorbing water. Mixed drinks, beer, and wine are high in sugar or carbs. Water is generally the best choice, as it lets your body perform optimally and flushes out toxins. When you see rain washing away dust, pollen, and oils on the street, let it remind you to wash away the settled toxins in your system.


    Keeping consistent with your routine for your oral health, hydration, and safety will significantly benefit your health in general. Proactive maintenance will do your body wonders. Having awareness of your surroundings and taking safety precautions is also an act of self-love. As the weather changes, consider the most appropriate shoes and be present when walking. Walking and texting through a puddle is an easy way to fall flat on your face. For outdoor activities, consider if helmets, padding, or mouthguards should be used. Accidents can happen, but your attention can make a huge difference between a quick fall and an emergency Ballwin cosmetic dentist call.

    Autumn is a great opportunity to reaffirm your routine for your oral health, hydration, and safety. Remember to brush and floss no matter how busy your schedule is. Adding two minutes onto your daily routine to brush is well worth the benefits. Remember to stay hydrated, even when you’re not obviously losing water through sweat. Be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to protect your head and teeth. Daily self-care will keep your smile on track until your next dental visit. Until then, like our Facebook page to keep updated with more oral health recommendations.