• Do I Need A Root Canal?

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    Acute tooth pain is centralized to a specific area for less than six months, and chronic tooth pain lasts longer. If you feel either, let’s identify and treat it immediately. Cavities can show up as a toothache. A decayed root canal can cause severe pain. Our experienced Ballwin dentist office team treats all tooth pain. 

    Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

    Toothaches are from bacteria and decay damaging your tooth. Decay enters the canal of your tooth’s root as it grows, which leads to infection. At your Ballwin cosmetic dentist office, a delay in cavity treatment may lead to a more substantial procedure. You may also need a root canal after a face injury.

    What is a Root Canal?

    The entire procedure will be completed in a visit or two. We’ll work with your schedule to plan your treatment procedure. We’ll start with an examination to determine the root of the problem and x-ray your mouth. Then, your dentist Ballwin will remove the bacteria and decay from your tooth, but there’s minimal discomfort. It’s similar to getting a cavity filled. Once the sterilized area is free from infection, we’ll be able to seal the canal. We may need to use a dental implant or post and crown to strengthen the tooth back to health. 

    Why Wouldn’t We Pull the Tooth?

    Industry best practices prefer to save the original tooth if possible; however, extraction can be the best solution in some cases. Some restorative procedures require additional upkeep, but a root canal will last a lifetime. Our Ballwin dentist team will present the various options to maintain your oral hygiene and keep your smile in the best shape. If we recommend removing a tooth, the original tooth must be replaced with an implant or bridge. Your jaw structure and bite would be compromised, and additional dental work required. 

    If you’re being bothered by tooth pain, call our dentist Ballwin office to set up an appointment. Your scheduled exam is too far away to care for a toothache. We are here to help your teeth stay in great shape. Follow us on Twitter for more oral health tips. Request an appointment today!