• A Look at Pumpkins and your Oral Health

  • Preventative Dentistry Ballwin dentistDo you have pumpkin pie leftover from Thanksgiving?  You may be one of the few that do; but the good news is that pumpkin is extremely healthy for your smile.  Now, mind you, the sugar in the pie isn’t all that great, but with proper brushing and flossing, a small piece here or there is fine.  Our dentist Ballwin residents continue to visit for their preventative dentistry needs has no problem with allowing patients to treat themselves to a dessert from time to time.  Our team only wishes that you practice great oral hygiene tactics every day so that your smile lasts a lifetime.


    Is pumpkin pie healthy?

    The short answer is not so much due to the amount of sugar used to sweeten the pumpkin.  However, with that in mind, there are some great benefits to our oral health found in pumpkins.  Adding whipped cream to the top of your slice doesn’t help, but a little dollop used sparingly isn’t that awful, provided you brush and floss regularly.  Brushing your teeth and flossing after eating sweets is essential to reducing your risk of cavities and tooth decay.  We also recommend visiting your Ballwin dentist for regular checkups to ensure your smile is in good order.


    A brief history about pumpkins

    Pumpkins have been around for quite a while, dating back to 5500 B.C.  In the last 5 centuries its popularity has increased because of the ease in which it grows and the health benefits.  The pumpkin has a fun history and is responsible for postponing Thanksgiving due to a molasses shortage and the inability for townsfolk to make pumpkin pie.  It has been commercialized making it available all year round thanks to the great minds at a canning factory.  Pumpkins have been included in a wide variety of dishes dating back as far as the 1500’s.


    Oral health benefits and pumpkins

    This fiber-packed and low-calorie orange vegetable is healthy not only for our bodies, but for our smiles.  Pumpkins are filled with large amounts of vitamins A and C.  Our Ballwin dentist encourages you to add it to your weekly diet.  Pumpkin helps your body build strong teeth and enamel, while aiding your digestive system.  It helps your body repair soft tissues like your gums and keeps your smile in good shape.


    So, pumpkin pie isn’t all that bad for you.  For better health benefits incorporate the vegetable into more of your meals.  Follow us on social media to learn more about the great ways to keep your teeth healthy as part of a preventative dentistry measure or talk with us at your next scheduled appointment.