• Whiter Teeth for Back to School Smiles

  • Teeth Whitening Ballwin dentistThe school year is beginning and students are gearing up for new challenges while getting organized for classes.  Among back to school tasks comes thoughts of fall sports, teen dances, homecoming activities, and of course, school pictures.  So what can you and your family members do to make sure your smiles are great and ready for whatever this school year has to offer.  First off, begin with a call to our Ballwin dentist office to schedule your bi-yearly appointments if they aren’t already on the calendar.  Next, read on for ways to make your smile the best it can be.


    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening procedures are a great way to enhance the appearance of a smile.  Typically, once a patient’s enamel is developed fully with their adult teeth, a whitening procedure is a great option.  If you have company meetings or holiday gatherings coming up in the near future, talk with us about how teeth whitening can prepare you for upcoming events.  For younger patients, we can discuss age-appropriate options that will keep their smiles as adorable as ever.


    Brushing and Flossing Routines

    Perhaps the easiest way to maintain a healthy smile is to brush and floss each and every day.  Brushing should be done twice a day in order to rid the mouth, teeth, and gums of plaque and bacteria.  Regular brushing and flossing keeps teeth and gums healthy and smile worthy.  Provide assistance to younger children and monitor older children from time to time to ensure they are doing it right.  If you have questions or need help, our Ballwin dentist and staff are always happy to demonstrate proper techniques.


    Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

    School snacks and treats after extracurricular activities don’t always have to be sweets and sugary drinks.  Encourage healthy options like fruits and vegetables or whole-grain snacks.  Water is a perfect way to hydrate your body and maintain good oral health.  Healthy foods also do a better job at making you feel full so children won’t overeat and ruin their appetites.


    Better Smiles

    If your smile needs a bit of help due to a missing permanent tooth or broken tooth, we can look at our Ballwin dentist cosmetic dentistry procedures such as a dental bridge or implant, or crowns and bonds.  Our goal is to help you keep your oral health in great condition and your smile in perfect shape.


    There are many ways to improve smiles for people of all ages.  Take the time now to consult with our office to see what will work best for you and other members of your family.  This way, you’ll all be ready for any event or picture opportunity with your amazing smiles.  Information regarding our teeth whitening and dentistry services are available on our Facebook page, and you are always welcome to give us a call.