• Summer Snacks for your Smile

  • Preventative Dentistry Oral Health Ballwin dentistIt’s amazing how far away we get from our goals just 6 months after vowing to hold on to our New Year’s resolutions.  Yet, it seems to be a natural circle of life.  We work hard to lose weight; eating healthy and exercising more for the first few months.  Then, as summer approaches, we tend to forget why we made the resolution in the first place and give in to sugary treats rather than taking advantage of the great produce summer provides.  Our Ballwin dentist has a few favorite snacks that promote oral health and taste great.  They are a perfect addition to your nutrition.  You won’t have to sacrifice your waistline or health, and they are plentiful at your local store or farmers market this time of year.


    Fruits and Vegetables

    Whether crisp vegetables or ripe fruits are for you or your children, a well-stocked assortment in your fridge means a healthy snack on the go.  Wash and cut the fruit and veggies ahead of time and store them on a shelf or in a drawer where kids can reach them.  These foods provide plenty of essential vitamins and keep everyone feeling fuller longer.  Our Ballwin dentist staff favorites include:


    • Watermelon
    • Strawberries
    • Plums
    • Peaches
    • Tomatoes
    • Snap Peas
    • Asian Pears
    • Bell Peppers
    • Melon
    • Berries
    • Cucumbers


    The list of available summer produce is a long one, giving you plenty of choices throughout the season.  Vitamins A and C are prevalent in these which contribute to healthy gums and strong teeth and bones.  Clean, chop and package what you can so these healthy snacks are always ready.


    Dairy products

    A day on the lake or poolside during the summer is often our cue for a cold ice cream treat.  And, while a simple indulgence from the ice cream truck is okay once in a while, the calories do add up quickly.  Pack a cooler for these days with cheese sticks and yogurt.  Freeze yogurt pops for a fast treat.  The health benefits of dairy products without the sugar are perfect for healthy teeth.


    Other healthy snacks

    Almonds, granola, and whole grain snacks are great for car trips, beach days, and staycations.  When your pantry is stocked with these healthy snacks, you and your family will have an easier time resisting the temptation of unhealthy foods.


    At our Ballwin dentist office, we know that summer brings out some of the best treats.  S’mores around a campfire and ice cream sandwiches are great from time to time; just don’t overdo it.  Your scale will thank you and you’ll keep your body and oral health in check.  Remember to brush your teeth after consuming these sticky delights so you avoid tooth decay and cavities.

    We’d love to hear about your favorite summertime healthy snacks.  Pop over to our Facebook page to share your nutritious ideas and enjoy the season in good health.