• Oral Cancer Screening and Your Health

  • Oral Cancer Ballwin dentistLast month was Oral Cancer Awareness Month, but don’t fret!  It doesn’t mean that it’s too late to schedule an oral cancer screening appointment.  Our Ballwin dentist understands that schedules are tough to coordinate, and that life is life.  Still, it is important to schedule your dental exam and oral cancer screening if you haven’t done so yet.


    What is Oral Cancer Screening?

    Your Ballwin dentist is dedicated to patient care and your oral health.  Each time you visit us for your regular dental appointment, we provide an oral cancer screening.  The procedure takes less than 5 minutes and allows us to catch abnormalities that may have arisen since your last visit.  By keeping your regularly scheduled appointments every 6 months, we are able to detect any problems.  The best course of action is early detection.

    The oral cancer screening permits our Ballwin dentist to examine your oral cavity and neck for soft tissue discoloration, bumps and lumps that may be a sign of an irregularity, and bleeding problems.  Your oral cavity and neck are examined including your tonsils, gums, and tongue.  Oral cancer has a high mortality rate, not because it is a fast moving cancer, but because patients wait too long to visit the dentist.  Early detection increases the rate of survival.


    What does my medical history have to do with my mouth?

    The answer?  Everything!  The systems and organs of your body all work together to keep you healthy.  Your mouth is no different.  Poor oral hygiene can affect your heart health.  Bacteria in your mouth and gum disease can decrease your immune system effectiveness and spread illness throughout your body via your blood stream.  Tell our Ballwin dentist and staff of any medical changes, surgeries, or changes in medication.  This way, we can ensure the best treatment for you.


    Preventing Oral Cancer

    An oral cancer screening procedure prevents a more serious issue down the road.  By visiting your Ballwin dentist regularly, abnormalities are quickly diagnosed.  Preventative dentistry encompasses the screening as well as your dental exam.  The early detecting of warning signs helps us prevent oral cancer.  Eliminating oral cancer keeps it from spreading to the rest of your body as well.


    The idea behind Oral Cancer Awareness Month is not only to become educated in oral health, but to provide you with the necessary knowledge to take care of your health.  Oral cancer is a concern during any month, not just April.  Catching cancer in its early stage allows us to eliminate it.  Proper oral hygiene every day also reduces your risk of cancer.  Brush twice daily and floss once each day.  If you notice a problem before your next dental visit, give us a call and don’t wait.  Find more tips about oral health on our Facebook page and reach out to us with any questions.  Let’s work together to keep your health in the best condition possible.