• A Camera-Worthy Smile

  • Graduation Teeth Whitening


    You’ve prepared for graduation day for the last four years.  Now, prepare your smile for the big day with a visit to our Ballwin dentist office for a quick and easy Teeth Whitening solution.  You’ve worked hard to accomplish your goals: Piles of homework, hours of classes, and thousands of late study sessions.  Reward yourself with the gift of a beautiful smile.


    Is your smile ready for the cameras?

    The flashes are bound to be in abundance as you don your cap and gown.  Is your smile all that it can be?  You may be off to college in the fall or starting a new job.  Either way, a great smile will offer a level of confidence that will help you in the next chapter of life.  Make sure your smile is ready for the camera and next adventure.  We offer in-office Teeth Whitening services so you will look your best on your graduation day.  A quick whitening procedure is one of the easiest ways to gain a great smile.   Our Ballwin dentist also offers Cosmetic Dentistry services that can get you the smile you want.

    The office treatment process requires very little of your time and produces instant results.  You’ll leave our office with whiter teeth that will last a long time.  We recommend avoiding coffee and dark foods and liquids that stain teeth, for best results.  Then, brushing and flossing and your regular dental exams will keep your teeth in the best shape.


    Should I whiten my teeth?

    Anyone can benefit from whiter teeth.   A smile is one of the first impressions you make.  Start your new career or education path off right by making a good impression.  Tooth enamel yellows and stains from foods, drinks, smoking, and even medications.  Once you whiten your teeth and see the results, you’ll understand that a great smile is worth the effort.  Luckily, it takes very little effort to get whiter teeth.  What you can count on is a picture-worthy smile to commemorate your accomplishments and special day for the rest of your life.


    What is the best way to whiten teeth?

    There are many products available that offer whiter teeth.  The best option is offered by our Ballwin dentist for the greatest results.  Take-home trays and store-purchased products work too, though whitening toothpaste and strips are better being used as regular maintenance to enhance professionally whitened teeth.


    Follow our Facebook page to learn more about our Cosmetic Dentistry options or give our office a call if you are ready for a brilliant, beautiful smile.  We offer our 2018 graduates are most sincere congrats on a job well done and look forward to what your future holds.